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Gas Safety

Gas safe

JTS are Gas Register Registered, (No 174531).

Identification. Always ask for the card. Gas Safe registered engineers all carry a Gas Safe Register ID card. It shows you what they look like and what gas work they are qualified to do. It also gives you a unique licence number that you can use to check they are still on the register.

CE Mark. Since December 1997, all appliances sold in the UK must display the CE approval mark. To obtain this mark the appliances must undergo rigorous, independent, safety testing. This legislation required manufacturers to introduce technical innovations in the design of their products to improve gas safety one of which is the Oxygen Depletion System.

ODS (Oxygen Depletion System). This device is very sensitive to the oxygen content in the air passing over it. When oxygen levels start to fall this device makes the pilot flame unstable which then causes the Flame Supervision Device to shut off the gas to the appliance long before the situation could become dangerous. Oxygen levels will fall if there is an increase in the levels of Carbon Monoxide CO or Carbon Dioxide COČ in the atmosphere of the room or if there is insufficient ventilation. This device is a valuable safety measure, which was not fitted to many appliances prior to December 1997.

FSD (Flame Supervision Device) A pilot flame heats the tip of a thermocouple, which generates a minute electrical charge to hold open a small electro magnet, allowing the gas valve to remain open. This is often built into the appliance main control valve and is usually operated when the control knob is pushed in to establish the pilot. If the pilot then goes out for any reason, the appliance is made safe by shutting off its gas supply.

Landlords Gas Safety Record. Regulation 35 (Maintenance), of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1994, placed duties on landlords, which required them to maintain gas pipe work and appliances in a safe condition and to have all gas appliances in rented properties, checked for safety on an annual basis. A record of these checks must be kept and be made available to tenants. Only Gas Safe Registered persons such as Quick Repair can carry out these checks and issue the required certificates/documentation.

Servicing. Your gas appliances, including your gas boiler, oven, hob and gas fires should be serviced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines (or at least once a year) by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

If you do not have your gas appliances checked and serviced every year you could be putting you and your family in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

* The Gas Safe Register has replaced CORGI in Great Britain and the Isle of Man. The register exists to protect you, your family, and your property from dangerous gas work. By law, anyone carrying out work on gas installations and appliances in your home must be on the Gas Safe Register. Be gas safe – always use a Gas Safe registered engineer. Always ask to see their Gas Safe Register ID card.

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